APA Formatting

Course Title: 
“How to Properly Format an APA Paper
Using Microsoft Word”

Instructional Designers:
(Team Members)

Tammy Hotchkiss
Michelle Hanners
Cati Rhodes
Charell Coleman

Jamie V. Prudlick, M.S., Center Coordinator
Mercer University, Regional Academic Center, Henry Campus
email: brown_jv@mercer.edu

Client Needs:
A self-paced fully online course assisting students with basic instruction on “how to format documents in Microsoft Word to college level APA requirements”. The client has requested step-by-step video instruction on how to make changes to the settings in preferences assisting students with the navigation through the Windows computer application. The client has specifically requested not to use resources such as citation machine for this block of instruction. The client prefers that the learner uses the textbook resources provided in this course as a means of citing when creating citations.
Problem Area:
Students commonly experience difficulties using Microsoft Word in formatting APA style papers. Since iMac and Windows computers have individual settings, individual video instructions for both iMac and Windows operating systems will be necessary to accomplish the task. The client is currently using printed typed instructions in the classroom and has provided copies of those documents to serve as a guideline to her expectations for this project. 
Target Audience:
The target audience will be entry level college students age 18+ years of age attending the Mercer University Regional Academic Center located in Henry County. The Academic Resource Center tutors will also use this course to as a tool to assist students during tutoring sessions. The course will serve as a learning tool campus-wide benefiting many students.  

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